…to Filthy Squirrels Woodland Education


A self-directed learning space for children aged 5-11yrs.

A space where they can be their authentic selves and thrive.


Based within a beautiful, private woodland in the Chalke Valley, the Filthy Squirrel Way enables learners to explore their own creativity, dive into their passions, and learn who they are.  With our indoor barn space and outside woodland area, learners are always connected to nature and the world around them.


…is set firmly in the believe that all learners are born with a hunger to explore the world, and that rigid learning environments stifle this innate natural curiosity. As a self-directed learning space, we offer a wide range of opportunities to our learners, but what they engage with is completely up to them. We hope that our offerings will be the spark for an richly woven learning journey.

At Filthy Squirrels…

…we want to challenge traditional education ideals. We believe that education should be representative of the real world. That education should be decolonised, and share the voices of the global majority. We believe that neurodiversity is something to be celebrated, and that all ways of learning are valid. Our curriculum holds diversity and inclusion at its heart.

Meet The Team


Ever since I was little, I had always wanted to be a teacher. In 2007, I qualified as a teacher specialising in Early Years. I worked in the classroom for 11 years, completing my Level 3 Forest School Leader training along the way. It was during my Forest School training that I realised how important being outdoors and immersed in nature is for both children and adults, and a year later, I left the confines of the classroom to set up Filthy Squirrels on a lovely little farm. Several years later, Filthy Squirrels has grown and grown, with more people seeing the wonderful opportunities an outdoor education has to offer.


I have always wanted to learn more about the natural world and this led me to study ecology and conservation, and eventually into teaching in a bid to share this passion with others. Having worked in traditional education for over 15 years, I believe that there are better ways to support learning. Ways that allow our young people to be themselves, chase their interests and gain real connections to the world around them. 

The Threshing Barn, Unit 8,

Fifield Bavant,

Wiltshire, SP5 5HT